The Attitudes

Katie Griffiths’ debut poetry collection, The Attitudes, is a search for trust and faith – in the body, in the mind, in all those things we seek to hold on to but cannot. Here, we intimately encounter mortality and tread the balance between visceral wisdom and the intellect, between fragile, fallible bodies, and the mind’s hold over them, between the bright spaces and the haunted ones.

In poems that are bold, effervescent, frequently playful, Griffiths approaches serious subjects – eating disorders, ageing, grieving – with a precise and inventive lyricism. The Attitudes compiles multitudes, with layer upon layer of counterpoints, juxtaposing and exploring the unresolvable, all the while seeking to move towards a place of deeper reflection and stillness away from the noise and distraction of the daily business of being alive. An astute and accomplished book which transforms.”

My Shrink is Pregnant

My Shrink is Pregnant was a winner in the 2019 Live Canon Pamphlet Competition. Anna Steinberg‘s illustrations are integral to the book.

It was nominated as one of the poetry books of the year by Poetry Wales.

You can buy a copy here.

Primers Volume One

The very first in the Primers collection from Nine Arches Press, alongside Geraldine Clarkson, Maureen Cullen and Lucy Ingrams. You can buy a copy here.

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