Fork as Significant Other

The film of the poem ‘fork as Significant Other’ made the shortlist for the Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film competition. Many congratulations to film-maker Cris Fells. All shortlisted films were live-streamed on 29th November, 2020.


A poetry film made in collaboration by Helen Dewbery and Katie Griffiths.


How the body holds

To know you are female does not help

‘To know you are female does not help’ is part of Insect Love Songs, inspired by a workshop given by Fiona Benson. Her project with Arts and Culture at University of Exeter has resulted in the anthology In the Company of Insects.

Do not indulge indigo

In 2019 the poem ‘Do not indulge indigo’ won second prize in the National Poetry Competition.

It was made into a film by James W. Norton, commissioned by the Poetry Society, and is a fascinating interpretation of the words.

In October of the same year, Katie had the opportunity of reading the poem at the Cosmopoética festival in Córdoba, Spain.

Caleb Parkin, who won second prize in the 2016 National Poetry Competition with his fascinating poem ‘The Desktop Metaphor’, has made a wonderful teaching resource out of ‘Do not indulge indigo’ which you can access here.

This downloadable document also contains writing prompts for the poem ‘Epistle from inside the Sharknado’ by Fran Lock.

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