A Woman in Goggles band

They are: Cris, Fiona, Katie, Nigel and Will. Their set-up is acousto-electric, electro-acoustic, electro-electric, acousto-acoustic. And points in between.

Their logo was created by the extremely talented Anna Steinberg. Check out more of her amazing work.

This Thing of Noise and Light and Love

A cut-up job, inspired by Rishi Dastidar‘s poem ‘The Bond Street Revelations’.

I Got Your Back

For International Women’s Day. Honouring the friendship and support that women give each other, every day of the year.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Nursery rhyme plus.

My Shrink is Pregnant

Title track of poetry pamphlet with same name. Animation is based on the illustrations by Anna Steinberg.


Who isn’t?

Dig Down

In memory of a friend who loved gem stones. She was always amazed by the beauty hidden in the ground.

A Son and Daughter

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