A Woman in Goggles band

We are: Cris, Fiona, Katie, Nigel and Will. Our set-up is acousto-electric, electro-acoustic, electro-electric, acousto-acoustic. And points in between.

Our logo was created by the extremely talented Anna Steinberg. Check out more of her amazing work.

This Thing of Noise and Light and Love – a cut-up job, inspired by Rishi Dastidar‘s poem ‘The Bond Street Revelations’.

I Got Your Back – for International Women’s Day. Honouring the friendship and support that women give each other, every day of the year.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – nursery rhyme plus.

Confused. Who isn’t?

Dig Down – in memory of a friend who loved gem stones. She was always amazed by the beauty hidden in the ground.